Saturday, June 23, 2007

Installing RB Racing LSRs on the FXR

About a year and half ago, I was looking for an exhaust system to replace the crappy, worn-out drag pipes on my 82 FXR. Not many good options out there for shovels any more. I found RB Racing's web site and was impressed by their description of their 2 into 1, 3" collector system and CNC-machined turbo venturi to get the exhaust moving - all designed to produce more torque in the 2000 to 4000 rpm range. I ordered a 1 3/4" LSR system from them with their silver ceramic finish.
During the order process, they informed me that they stopped making brackets for shovelheads, and that would be on me. The 82 has a rear rubber mount, and some systems are hung from the tranny. I figured I'd figure that out.

Several months later, I got em. Took 'em out to the garage to mount 'em, and found the mounting point was neither near the transmission, nor the rear rubber mount. In fact, it rested against the swing-arm pivot bolt. R&B agreed that wasn't good, and agreed to make a new set with the mounting point adjacent to the rubber mount.

So I waited ... and waited ... made lots of calls ... and waited ... A year later, they showed up!

These are some good-looking, well-made pipes. The silver ceramic finish is gorgeous, it compliments the polished aluminum, supposedly helps keep the heat in and will not discolor. We'll see.

I hung em on the bike, and they fit perfect. I spent a few hours designing a cardboard mock-up for a mounting bracket. I took the mock-up and the bike to IXL Machine Shop, they made a few measurements, and 4 hours later it was ready. And it fit perfect. All the angles were right on, and all the bolt holes lined up perfectly. They even painted it!

Some smart folk have criticized the design, predicting one of the welds will crack, and I can see that possibility ... May have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

In the meantime, I bolted it on, fired her up, and went for a ride. The LSRs have a great sound. They're not quiet, but they aren't as loud as some. I could feel the increased torque in the lower rpms, she pulls like a mule, and feels more responsive to throttle. I took her to Al's American Iron in Grandville, MI for rejetting and dyno-tuning. I rode outta there with a big ole' smile on my face!

Chilly BS#226