My Scale

When I decided to become a bit of a gram-weenie, I bought a digital kitchen scale. Mine is a Cuisinart KS-55 with a max weight of 11 lbs.

Perfect, right?

Well, it seemed every time I bought something, the weight my scale indicated was significantly higher than the manufacturer's advertised weight. Consistently so that I began to doubt the accuracy of my scale. I mean, just because it's "digital" doesn't mean one should have any to expectation for it to be calibrated. And buying a scale at the local kitchen and bath big box store doesn't instill the same confidence as buying from a scientific equipment supplier ...

I became hesitant to raise hell with manufacturers, or to even to post weights in my blog. So I ordered a three scale calibration weights that provide a nice range around that of the items I'm generally reviewing:

Grams Ounces
50 1.76
100 3.53
150 5.29
500 17.64

These results show the scale is just about spot on.  At the 500 grams, it indicates 1g heavy.  Overall, it validates my screeds, and that makes me happy.

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