Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Send Lawyers, Guns & Money!

Snowing here in the great white north, so I decided to avoid the idjits on the interstate and take the nice, quiet, country roads home. I had my Jeep in 4wd and was takin it easy on the slickery road when an oncoming idjit started swerving, lost control, and came into my lane. I had a 10-12' embankment on my right and headed for it in a last (pardon the pun) ditch effort to avoid a head-on.

Did I mention the roads were slick? I didn't avoid the head-on, but I did end up at at the bottom of the embankment. My front, left wheel got shoved up into my compartment, both air bags deployed, My left foot and right leg hurt and I was a wee tad shocky. No neck pain, didn't hit my head, knew what day it was ...

Couple of guys stopped, called 911 and directed traffic. Cops here are cross-trained as first responders. They checked me out, called an ambulance and a wrecker, took the report ...

The other driver apparently had no injuries. Howsomever, they took me to the ER to check me out. X-rayed my foot and found two non-displaced fractures. Got a consult to see a podiatrist and a script for vicodin.

Pretty sure the Jeep's totaled. Will go see the old girl tomorrow, take a few pics, clean her out. She's a 97 with well over 100k miles on her, so I'm wondering what the insurance company will do for me. I suspect I'm gonna be replacing her with something used - and probably still incur a monthly payment I don't have now.

Then there's that part-time job at which I'm on my feet all day ...

Tomorrow I find out what all this means in a "No-Fault Insurance" State

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