Thursday, February 23, 2012

And Now ... A Box From Our Sponsor!

The doorbell rang, the dog went nuts, and our friendly, local Fed-X driver was waiting with a big, heavy box.  I opened it up, and inside were bags and bags of fizzy goodness!

I had been thinking of supplements I'd take during my hike, and figured a multi-vitamin and some kind of glucosamine supplement would help cover any vitamin deficiencies in my hiker diet, keep my immune system robust, and lube my knee joints.  Most glucosamine supplements usually call for 3 horse pills per day, plus the vitamin equals a PITA.

I checked out Emergen-C's website and found they had a Joint Formula that provided all the vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients of their original formula, plus 500 mg of glucosamine and 400mg of chondroitin.  Three packets meets the daily requirements.  I can mix packets in my water bottle throughout the day and get my goodness on the go!

Emergenc-C agreed to sponsor my Appalachian Trail thru hike attempt with with enough samples to provide for my needs, and to provide samples to my fellow hikers.  As requested, the box had a mix of  about 2/3 of their tangerine-flavored Joint Health formula and 1/3 of various flavors of their original formula.  Good to go!

If you want to try their products, Just hit me up on the trail!  They are also available in most larger grocery stores and pharmacies, or you can click the Emergenc-C logo on the right, and order from


  1. I think when I first read your blog I decided to ask them to sponsor my 2013 hike. They didn't because it was too far in the future, but offered to sponsor my training hikes in the Whites this summer. I have my box! My last post was about Emergen-C.

    1. Awesome! It's great to get folks like this to provide product you use anyway, eh? I plan to send them stories and pictures from the trail. Enjoy your thru-hike planning and your hikes in the Whites this summer. If in mid-late August you see a guy with two 500ml bottles, filled with an orange drink hanging from his shoulder straps, say hi.


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