Sunday, April 7, 2013

L.Dog's Back On The Trail

It's almost like I took a couple of zeros in Franklin. I went into town on April 3Rd and was back on the trail on the 6th. Except it was a year later ...

I went into town last spring, hoping to treat a tendonitis, and went home 6 days later still unable to walk with what turned out to be a bursitis. Got that fixed and started again in July hiking south from Maine. That attempt was foiled by a hernia that needed surgery.


With 644 miles under my belt, I'm starting again where I left off in spring, and hiking till it's time to go home for a family reunion in July.

So I started in Rock Gap, NC.  A couple of hours later, as I was descending into Winding Stair Gap, I rolled my ankle pretty bad.  Still managed to do the 8 miles to Siler Bald, where I met up with Head Butt, Firefly, Vexatious, and Blackjack. Sat around a fire eating and telling lies till hiker midnight,  and crawled into my tent.

It was a cold night, but not as cold as it had been just last week. Forecast is for sunny days and reasonable nights for the next several days...


  1. Bill,
    Congratulations on getting back on the trail! I admire your determination, and enjoy your blog. Are you still using your X100 and pouch? I'd be interested how that works for you, as I have an Olympus OM-D. Will you be posting pictures elsewhere?
    I will retire at the end of this year, and walk the AT in 2014, so have a year to work on my gear list, with great advise from you and others.
    Best wishes, Alan Barker

  2. The X100 is working great - after two repairs for water & dust intrusion, and for sticky aperture blades ... The pouch works great. Not 100% coverage, but definitely protects it from dust, dirt and the sweat doping off my brow. It attaches to ones camera strap, so the camera can be quickly deployed, and the case just hands there.

    most of the pics I post here while on the trail are shoot with my Droid for convenience sake. I generally shoot the X100 in raw mode, making them difficult to tweak on the trail. I may try some in-camera jpg conversions ... Meanwhile, I finished tweaking last years pics, and they can be seen at

    Good luck with all your planning for next year!


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