Sunday, April 7, 2013

L.Dog's Back On The Trail

It's almost like I took a couple of zeros in Franklin. I went into town on April 3Rd and was back on the trail on the 6th. Except it was a year later ...

I went into town last spring, hoping to treat a tendonitis, and went home 6 days later still unable to walk with what turned out to be a bursitis. Got that fixed and started again in July hiking south from Maine. That attempt was foiled by a hernia that needed surgery.


With 644 miles under my belt, I'm starting again where I left off in spring, and hiking till it's time to go home for a family reunion in July.

So I started in Rock Gap, NC.  A couple of hours later, as I was descending into Winding Stair Gap, I rolled my ankle pretty bad.  Still managed to do the 8 miles to Siler Bald, where I met up with Head Butt, Firefly, Vexatious, and Blackjack. Sat around a fire eating and telling lies till hiker midnight,  and crawled into my tent.

It was a cold night, but not as cold as it had been just last week. Forecast is for sunny days and reasonable nights for the next several days...