Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Trail Photos

I've been slowly wading through all the photos I took during my 2013 hike, and have uploaded them to Tumblr along with the rest of my AT pictures. You can see them at

This spring, I'll be getting back on the trail at the other end of this bridge, and heading north.


  1. Interesting, why tumblr and not Google+ or one of the other photo sharing sites? I'm always looking for good places to put my shots but using Picasa makes uploads and management easy.

    1. I think Tumblr presents photos well, and I get a lot of feedback there. Lots of options when you factor in all the themes available to customise the blog. I just upgraded my blog with a theme that works really well for photos. The blog site does not require a Tumbler account to view. With the new header format for the mobile version, and the customizable header on this theme, I give my tumbler, twitter, and Facebook pages a consistent look. With a little more effort, I could make this blog match too ...

      G+ is really good for photos, I like that it integrates with Picasa, and I am a Google/Android fanboy ... G+ just has not yet achieved critical mass. And, I have yet to find a dedicated photo sharing site that resonates with me.


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