Sunday, March 25, 2012

Please do not feed the bears!


It had been cold and wet with a hail storm thrown in when we got to Hog Pen Gap.  We found a nice campsite just a few hundred yards south, where two tents were already set up. We set up our tents, made some dinner and prepared to settle in.

I was a good doobee, and hung my food bag from a tree at least 200 ft from our camp. The limb was a little to low for the PCT method, so I did as everyone else was doing, and tied my line off to a tree.

I got up before dawn, strapped on my headlamp, and headed for the tree. when I trained my light on the limb, there were only three bags hanging.


The line was still attached to the tree, but had been snapped. I searched the area and saw where it had feasted.

Clearly, the bear liked packaged tuna, peanut butter, mixed nuts, dried fruit, olive oil, dried milk, powdered cheese and fruit preserves.

Fortunately, it didn't much care for quinoa, vulgar wheat, oatmeal, dehydrated veggies, or spices and herbs. I figure I still have a couple of days of food, so I'm hiking on.

My sponsor will appreciate that the bear liked my Emergen-C Joint Formula, and ate all the packages I had in my bag. So I feel good that it's getting its vitamins.


  1. Sorry to read this but you have a good attitude.

  2. That's a real bummer! I too once had an animal pass up the "delicious" lentils and rice I cooked for dinner. haha. It took the dish rag instead. Even the dog didn't want the lentils and rice. Hang in there, I enjoy your posts!

  3. Sorry to hear about your set back. The only advise I can offer is find the tree in which the PCT method will work. The Bears in GA seem to be as smart as the Bears in Yosemite and in the Adirondacks. I saw the largest black bear that I have ever seen circling my food around Neels Gap. Fortunately, I had hung it well and it moved on.

    Glad to see that you are viewing this incident in the right vein.


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