Sunday, March 18, 2012

Set ...

Grabbed my bag, kissed Mary goodbye, and got on Amtrak's Pere Marquette for the first leg of a two day trip that will take me to Georgia.

I'll get into Gainsville at 7:00am, where Survivor Dave will give me a shuttle to Amicalola Falls State Park. There I get on the approach trail to Springer Mountain.


  1. Preparing for 2013 - following about 10 hikers this year, including you. Have fun! I will also take the train to Gainsville. Refuse to fly except in emergencies at this point. And, coming from the Northeast, I can overlay in DC, where I can arrange to visit my daughter pre-hike.

  2. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BILL!! Live my bucket list this year BRO!! Just make sure you are vigilant. Don't day dream too very much, give us minds eye glimpes into all those that went before you, and stay Dry! My prayers are with you.


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