Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Have My Reservations ...

I'm not talking about whether I'm ready to hike, I made campsite reservations at Baxter State Park. This is one of those logistical thingies that Sobos have to worry about. Nobos can just waltz in and stay at a campsite designated for long-distance hikers. But Sobos have to have reservations or risk being turned away if the sites are all full.

The reservation system at their website has all the information, but it can be complicated depending upon when you want to make your reservations.

Between 1 May and 15 June, one can either mail in a completed reservation form with payment, or make reservations over the phone with a credit card. Starting Jun 16, one can make reservations online, or over the phone, with a credit card.

They have maps for each campsite online, and I printed one so that I could refer to it. The lean-tos numbered 4-8 on the west side of the river have a reputation for being a nice quiet area, and the lean-tos and tent-sites across the river also have a good reputation.

I clicked the link for the Park Reservation System, and clicked the details button next to the campsite I wanted. That brought me to a page that tracks campsite availability. I choose the month and week I wanted, and the matrix that shows which sites were available refreshed. As you can see above, when one looks a week out in summer, sites fill up fast! I found a lean-to that was open for the time I wanted, pressed the reserve button, and the system led me to a reservation page where I could make payment - As of this writing, $30/night!

I was rewarded with a pdf of my Baxter State Park Gate Pass showing my reservation paid in full. A copy of which is in my backpack along with a copy of the Abol Trailhead Map.


  1. We're waiting for your review of the $30 lean-to and other amenities...

    1. I was surprised to find out that I had that lean-to to myself. I assumed I would be sharing it with others. It was nice as far as three-sided shelters go. The location, right on the river was beautiful. As for amenities, well, there was a picnic table and a fire ring. Baxter State Park is all about preservation, and they haven't impacted the environment with things like like bathrooms, showers, power poles, a camp store, restaurant ...


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