Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting to Baxter

In the end, a rental car was much too expensive, and I flew into Bangor. The next leg was a bus to Medway, and the bus station is just a short hike out the airport entry road to the main drag, and a couple of blocks to the right.

I bought my ticket and had a few hours to kill. There's a shopping center with a grocery store and a Staples back a few blocks. I boxed a carry-on bag and the duffle I had protected my pack with, and shipped them home from Staples. I saw a seafood place next door and had their "famous lobster roll," which was nicely loaded with lobster.

The bus ride to Medway was short. There were three other hikers onboard, including Jason and a woman my age with the trail name Mothra. Paul from the AT Lodge in Millinocket was waiting for us, and got us into town right at dusk.

Besides the Lodge, he and his wife own the Appalachian Trail cafe. We had dinner, got back to the Lodge, and prepped for the next day.

We all got up around five, showered and hit the cafe for the breakfast which was part of the deal, and more than I could eat.

Then Paul packed us back into the van, and drove us to Baxter State Park for our ascent of Katahdin and the start of out trek.

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  1. Congrats on getting started again! Super inspirational that you are having another go at it. Good luck and enjoy!


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