Thursday, July 19, 2012

Walks With Deer

Got up before dawn and was on the trail at 4:45.  Summited Barren Mountain and was treated to a view of distant mountains with a layer of clouds below.  The sun peaked out of the clouds and sent a ray of light across the valley.

I descended the mountain and scared a whitetail deer off the trail.  It stopped about a hundred yards away and watched me.  I stopped and the deer lifted its chin as if sayin "sup?" I responded with a chin lift, and it gave me another chin lift.  I lifted my chin and said "hey." I started walking quietly along the trail, and it walked in the same direction, getting closer till it was about 20' away.  
I was torn between digging in my pocket for my camera and possibly spoiling the moment, and so I bid the deer a good day and walked on.

A magical morning.

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