Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Walking Stick

After any period of rest, the first several steps were real painful. I needed a walking stick since I use my hiking poles to hold my tent up. I found a nice piece of rhododendron, and cut it down to size.

It fit great. Nice bent handle. I used it everywhere I went during those days, tended fires with it, and when I was bored, I started whittling on it. One knot became a part of a bear paw for the one that got my food bag. Another was my knee with the hot spots showing. Bands around the grip featured the mountains.

When I was ready to hike out, I wrote this URL on the handle, and left it against a tree. If you found it, that's the story. Hope you make it yours, and that it's as good to you as it was to me.

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