Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pampered in the Woods

One zero stretched into two as I wanted to give that knee a good rest. I was rarely alone, seeing something like 20-30 hikers a day. And they were all good to me.

I traded a Snickers Bar for an ace wrap with a Scoutmaster.
I was limping around gathering fire wood when one group came into my camp to take a break and hear my tail of woe. One of them got up, scoured the gap, and came back with an armload of wood.

One morning a couple came in and the woman offered me some Badger muscle rub. Then, a big ole, tobacco chewing boy asked me if I had any chondroitin. When I told him how the bear got it, he pulled out a big bag and gave me a handful.

 A gent came to camp, said he was a pediatrician, but had MD after his name, and could he be of any help. He assessed the knee, and agreed it was probably tendonitis. I mentioned that another hiker had said prednisone might help. He said they were really a powerful, steroidal anti-inflammatory, said he had some, and would I like some? He offered advice as to how I could use it to hike out.

A couple from the Nantalahala Hiking Club came to the gap to provide Easter treats to thru hikers. I got a bag of chocolates, an Easter egg, and little packets of salt and pepper.

That was one tasty egg ...

Many others stopped to chat, asked if I needed any food, ibuprofen, water ... I was totally pampered.

Shrink heard I was there and showed up. Said she figured I was a few days ahead. I told her if I had been maintaining her pace, I'd be in the same place but wouldn't be hurt ..

Between visitors I did some camp chores, read a little and did some whitlin'

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